Attention to our reputable dealers,

We have done the wallpaper production under our brand “GROWN WALLPAPER”. The quality of wallpapers is in European standards. The application method is side by side and splice disappears.

Our main purpose of producing nonwoven wallpaper is to prove high quality products slogan of “Made in Turkey” we can manufacture in Turkey. You can inform your customers that can use their houses and offices complacency the nonwoven wallpaper is healthy and pvc free.

While doing the production of nonwoven wallpaper used as 5 and 10 sqm in Europe, also we are firstly producing 16,5 sqm nonwoven ( pvc and vinyl – free) wallpapers under our brand name “Grown Wallpaper” lots of varities and patterns in Turkey and Europe.

Using of pvc or vinyl – coated wallpapers are prohibited in Europe because of chemical materials. We aim to spread of using healthy wallpaper in order to realize the production of this type wallpapers.

We are using same quality nonwoven wallpaper that the companies are using in Europe such as Rash, Marburg, Eijffinger and selling more breitling replica appropriate at ratios 70%.

Yours Faithfully,

Contact Person
Seyhun YAMAN
+90 555 633 14 66

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